Police Defensive Tactics Training Program in New Jersey

Police officers need exceptional defensive tactics skills is paramount. Inner Power Martial Arts offers a comprehensive program designed to equip officers with the necessary tools to handle passive resistant subjects effectively while ensuring officer safety. With a focus on minimizing injuries to both officers and subjects, this training program adheres to the New Jersey Attorney General guidelines, emphasizing control techniques that avoid vital areas of the body while still enabling officers to effectively place subjects into custody.

Kid’s Martial Arts Training: How Long Will It Take To See A Noticeable Difference In My Child’s Confidence?

Several years ago, I began tracking our results so that I could definitively answer that questions that so many parents had asked. I wanted to know more than simply how long it takes younger students to progress in their belts and learn the actual curriculum, like kicking and punching or a self defense move. I … Read more

More Than Just Combat, Hapkido Offers So Much For The Mind And Body.

It’s true that Hapkido is known worldwide as one of the most effective martial arts for self-defense. Since a hapkido practitioner learns how to use an aggressor’s momentum and power against them, it is highly effective for both men and women. Hapkido has its origins from a samurai martial art called Datu Ryu Aiki- jujitsu. … Read more