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  • Kid’s Martial Arts Training: How Long Will It Take To See A Noticeable Difference In My Child’s Confidence?

    Kid’s Martial Arts Training: How Long Will It Take To See A Noticeable Difference In My Child’s Confidence?

    As the owner and operator of a martial arts school for kids and adults, One of the questions I often get is “How long will it take before I see a noticeable change in my child’s confidence?”. That is a real question and definitely a concern for a parent whose child may be getting bullied in school or is just having a hard time socializing with other kids. Inner Power Martial Arts opened its doors in Howell, New Jersey in the Summer of 2005. Since then we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of kids from Monmouth and Ocean Counties. A lot of parents look to martial arts classes to help their kids build confidence and self-esteem. Several years ago, I ....

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  • From White Belt Student To Kwan Jang Nim: My 30 Year Journey In The Martial Arts

    I graduated from South Plainfield High school in 1990 and after years of being a competitive wrestler, I decided to undertake something new that I’ve always wanted to do since I was a young kid; martial arts! Growing Up My parents were never a big fan of signing me up for Karate lessons. I have two brothers – Irish triplets, lol. We are all about 18 months apart (I’m in the middle). There was a lot of fighting, wrestling, and roughhousing in my house growing up. My mother felt that martial arts would make us fight more and become violent. That was a misconception back in the 1980s and still is today, to some extent. While growing up, after watching cartoons ....

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  • Zen and the Art of Hapkido:  The Mauro Kids journey through Martial Arts

    Zen and the Art of Hapkido: The Mauro Kids journey through Martial Arts

    As we age we often look back at our accomplishments and marvel at how we reached our goals. I played little league as a child for many years and was quite successful. Yet to this day I can not tell you what my best game was, what my batting average was, or even what any of my team’s final records were. We often look back at the journey as one complete package. We remember bits and pieces and certainly how hard we worked, but we often lose sight of the specifics. The actual small steps and stumbles that began and moved our journey along. Starting Martial Arts Classes in Howell, New Jersey This year my two youngest children decided to begin their journey into Martial Arts. ....

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  • More Than Just Combat, Hapkido Offers So Much For The Mind And Body.

    More Than Just Combat, Hapkido Offers So Much For The Mind And Body.

    It’s true that Hapkido is known worldwide as one of the most effective martial arts for self-defense. Since a hapkido practitioner learns how to use an aggressor’s momentum and power against them, it is highly effective for both men and women. Hapkido has its origins from a samurai martial art called Datu Ryu Aiki- jujitsu. These techniques have been battle tested over many centuries …so much so that many special forces and Law enforcement officers throughout the world use Hapkido techniques as part of their defense tactics training. The Most Important Part of Traditional Hapkido Training I remember years ago, while attending a seminar hosted by Hapkido ....

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  • Am I Too Old to Start Martial Arts Classes?

    This question often comes up in emails I receive and phone calls from adults who are interested in getting into the Martial Arts. People often associate Martial Arts – such as Karate, kung fu, and jiu jitsu – as activities for young adults and kids, but that’s really not the case. Over the years I’ve had a pleasure of teaching many adults from different age groups the art of Hapkido. My students range from college ages in early 20s looking for an activity or a way to work out to busy executives in their 30s & 40s looking for stress release or a way to stay fit, all the way to students in their 70s looking to stay fit! This Black Belt Started Training at ....

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  • Charity Yoga Workshop Sunday July 17 at 10am

    Charity Yoga Workshop Sunday July 17 at 10am

    Mind, Body & Spirit Charity Yoga Workshop with Ravenne Chase. When: Sunday July 17 @ 10:00am. Cost: Suggest Donation $20. Location: Inner Power Martial Arts 4244 U.S. 9 Howell Township, NJ 07731 RSVP: Reserve Your Spot! 100% of proceeds will go to Mary’s Place by the Sea for women battling Cancer. Come join us for this great cause! ....

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  • How Many Belts Are There In Hapkido?

    One of the questions I often get as a Hapkido School owner is “How many belts are there between white belt and black belt in Hapkido” That’s a great question! We all have goals and who wouldn’t want to know how long it would take them to reach black belt? Different Martial Arts Styles Have Different Belts There are many different styles of martial arts from karate to kung fu, judo and jujitsu ….all have a variety of different color belts. Just about every martial art style starts out with white belt as a beginner. The color signifies a pure beginning, the willingness to learn something new. I’ve always felt that white belt is perhaps one of most ....

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  • June is Parent Appreciation Month at Inner Power Martial Arts

    How Does Parental Involvement Impacts Martial Arts Training For Young Students? Having parents and grandparents support and cheer for their children is great for a kid’s self-esteem. Parents who actively participate in the practices and after-school training feel positive about the impact that martial arts training is having on their children, and encourage more parents to get involved in the program. Parents will also notice their students develop better balance and more focus and family participation in the program helps build confidence and independence in young students. Parents who opt to simply observe during practices are still impacting their child’s ....

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