How do I get started at Inner Power Martial Arts

  • Everyone starts out with two complimentary classes. Just contact us by phone 732-886-5556 or contact us to schedule your first class.

Where is your location?

  • We are located in Candlewood plaza right next to Lidl on Rt. 9 in Howell. Same Plaza as Five Guys. Here is a map!

What Style of Karate do you teach at Inner Power Martial Arts?

How many belts are in Hapkido?

  • There are five main belts in traditional Hapkido…White, Yellow, Blue, Red and Purple before 1st Dan Black Belt. Our kids program has belts in between the main colors to make goal setting easier for them. Learn more about the belts in Hapkido >

How long will it take to earn a Black Belt?

  • On average a dedicated student can expect to earn their Black Belt in only three to five years. Inner Power Martial Arts has very high standards for issuing Black Belt rank in Hapkido.

What equipment will I need for classes?

  • For your trial class just some comfortable work out clothes like sweatpants and a T-shirt. Students who become members wear a traditional martial arts uniform that we provide.

Can martial arts cause injury?

  • Because we place such a huge focus on safety and injury prevention, we’re proud to say that injuries are very few and far between with our program. In fact, because martial arts gets you in great shape, and makes you strong and flexible, people often see LESS injuries in their lives.

Is martial arts violent?

  • No! Because self-defense technique is taught in martial arts, it’s often thought of as violent. However, the philosophies behind martial arts revolve around peace and harmony. The moves are more of a way to become connected with your body. We teach diplomacy and friendship. However, if a violent situation ever arises in your life, you’ll have powerful tools to defend yourself and your loved ones.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We have several monthly memberships to choose from to fit most families’ budget and schedule. We accept all major credit and debit cards for payments and offer sibling and family discounts as well.

My child isn’t athletic. Can he/she still participate in martial arts?

  • Absolutely. Martial arts teaches kids to be coordinated, flexible and strong. Kids who don’t naturally have these qualities develop them. Kids who do have these qualities develop them even more.

Are these martial arts classes fun?

  • Yes! After all, these are children we’re dealing with here. And kids love their fun. We do a variety of games and activities that have kids laughing and smiling. We work hard here – but we play just as hard.

What’s a good age for a child to start martial arts?

  • Honestly, practically every age is a good age to start! We have young children, as well as teenagers. We also have specific programs for adults. So no matter what age – we’ve got you covered.

Do I need to get in shape before I start?

  • No… Hapkido strengthens the body as well as the mind. Our classes are designed to get you in shape while learning effective Martial Arts.