Howell, New Jersey Martial Arts Classes

We are proud to be the only true Hapkido Dojang in the central New Jersey area.

Hapkido is often called the Original Mixed Martial Art.

It is one of the most effective and practical martial arts that concentrates on reality self defense. Techniques are similar to sport MMA with an emphasis in real life street applications rather than competition.

We teach both adult martial arts classes as well as children’s martial arts classes in this powerful martial art style of self defense at our studio in Howell, New Jersey. Serious students who are interested in learning Hapkido are welcome to become part of our family of dedicated martial artists

The dynamic concepts taught at Inner Power Martial Arts are based on scientific principles of Anatomy and bio mechanics. Men, Women, and Children of all ages and size will benefit greatly because physical strength and athletic abilities are not essential. The emphasis is on redirecting the assailant’s aggression and power back toward them with little effort and minimum force on your part.

What Does Inner Power Mean?

Inner-Power: (also know as Ki, Chi, Qi and Prana ) n.:

1. Internal energy, life force energy or vital life of a living being in traditional Chinese philosophy, and medicine.
2. The Power to overcome with a strong confident mind and body, the ability to grow and improve yourself each and every day.

About the owner

Master Brian McCann
Owner of Inner Power Martial Arts

Master Brian McCann

Master Brian McCann has been a dedicated student of the Korean Martial art of Hapkido since 1990. He continues to learn and practice everyday.

Teaching Martial arts in Monmouth and Ocean counties since 2001, Master Brian has had the privilege of studying and learning from many high ranking Hapkido Masters and Grandmasters over the years. Most notably Master Brian was introduced to Jung Ki Hapkido in 2007 from Sr. American Master Michael D’Aloia and has committed himself to learning and bringing original, orthodox Hapkido to his students as passed down to Grandmaster Lim, Hyun Soo from Hapkido’s founder Choi Young Sul.

Master Brian has worked with the Freehold Regional School district as a guest speaker and karate Instructor at Griebling and Memorial schools in Howell. Master McCann has been inducted into several Martial Art Halls of Fame and has worked with many Law Enforcement personnel and agencies in New Jersey teaching Defensive and Compliance Tactics.

  • Official Jungki Kwan Hapkido Master
  • Multiple Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee
  • Freehold Regional schools guest teacher
  • Builds Confidence in Kids
  • Howell business owner since 2005

In addition to Martial Arts, Master Brian loves spending time with his wife and four kids. He loves exercising with kettlebells and practices the Wim Hof breathing method every day. Other hobbies include Bamboo Gardening, working on his classic car and just being outdoors.

Meet the instructors

Katrina Mastrola
Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Katrina Mastrola, Instructor

3rd dan Black Belt

Hi I’m Katrina I started hapkido almost 10 years ago as a timid, shy teenager with no confidence in myself and let that define me. Since I lacked confidence, I was made fun of in school and had friends that turned out not to be real. At this stage in my teens, it was important for me to learn the principles of Hapkido and train so l could not only defend myself but gain confidence as well.

The warm and welcoming environment made me feel comfortable and hapkido truly became my second family. It took me a while but I persevered and came out of my shell (or as everyone likes to say, “The Inner Katrina”) so I could grow into the confident young lady I am today. I could see the change and so could the people around me. Being a young woman, the skills I’ve learned while training have prepared me mentally and physically for any obstacles and challenges that might come my way.

Hapkido had impacted me in so many positive ways, including meeting people who I have become friends with and will be for a lifetime.

When I’m not at Hapkido I like to hang out at home, go out with friends, go shopping and travel. It’s no secret that I love Disney World and exploring new places! I’ve been an instructor for 5 years and my goal is to always create a safe and positive learning environment as well as passing on the skills I’ve learned to the children. I enjoy being on the mat during classes and love each one of our students!

Liam McGrath
Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Liam McGrath, Instructor

1st Dan Black Belt

Hey, I’m Liam! I’m a student at Monmouth University studying psychology. I’m very involved on campus, I’m an active member in a few clubs and part of an honors society.

When I’m not studying or doing anything at school, I like to hang out with my friends or spend time outside and do things like surfing, hiking, driving around, and mountain biking. I’m very into personal fitness too, I love to stay active wherever I am, however I can.

I’ve been training in Hapkido with Master Brian since I was eleven, starting back at the beginning of 2014. Not only did learning self-defense give me something awesome to show off to my friends, but it hugely boosted my confidence in myself and my belief in my inner strength. Hapkido has had a giant impact on almost every aspect of my life, and it’s because of Hapkido that I’m as confident as I am today!

Antonio Rosania
Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Antonio Rosania, Instructor

4th Dan Black Belt

Hello my name is Antonio Rosania and I have been training with Master Brian for 16 years.

I began my journey at the age of 7, now I am 23 years old and a 4th degree black in hapkido. I have been teaching since I was 14 and it makes me excited to see all the young kids bloom into confident and outstanding people.

I absolutely love this martial art and everything that it has taught me.

Besides hapkido I enjoy archery and playing board games. I am a student at Georgian Court University going for my masters in education. My goal is to become a Middle School Science Teacher.

Madison Bavosa
Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Madison Bavosa, Instructor

3rd Dan Black Belt

I’ve been practicing martial arts here since I was 9 years old. Now, I’m training for my 3rd Dan black belt!

Hapkido has definitely helped me with my confidence and it has brought great friendships into my life.

When I’m not here, I’m usually at school. I’m also a student at TCNJ where I study computer science!

Gabriel Kisijara
Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Gabriel Kisijara, Instructor

1st Dan Black Belt

I am Gabriel kisijara and I am a black belt Instructor. I’ve been taking classes at Inner Power Martial Arts for over 5 years. I’m going into my Junior year at Jackson Liberty high school.

In addition to Hapkido, I like playing video games and am on the Esports team for my School. I try to get outside whenever I can with my friends. I love sharing what I’ve learned about Martial Arts with the kids in class!

Matthew Kocen
Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Matthew Kocen, Instructor

2nd Dan Black Belt

My name is Matthew Kocen and I’ve trained in Hapkido for fifteen years with Master Brian at Inner Power Martial Arts.

I currently hold a second dan and I continue to pursue my goal of progressing towards my third dan. I have studied many different types of martial arts for the past thirty years.

I enjoy outdoor activities like scuba diving, working out, and cooking. I’m actively a municipal police officer in New Jersey for the past eighteen years. I like to spend quality time with my wife and two children, as well as, traveling with them across the globe. Life is good!

Tyler Kisijara
Assistant Instructor at Inner Power Martial Arts

Tyler Kisijara, Assistant Instructor

Black Belt

Hi, I’m Tyler Kisijara. I’m a black belt and I’ve been doing Hapkido for about five years. I love karate because it helps me keep in shape and helps me stay focused in my life.

I like helping to teach kids the things I learned. I also like to play basketball and hang out with friends.

Kristi Kisijara
Receptionist at Inner Power Martial Arts

Kristi Kisijara, Receptionist

BlUE Belt

Hi! I am a mother of two black belt students and became a student myself after watching my sons enjoy taking classes so much. It has been a wonderful experience to have my children help teach me and for them to be able to share something they are passionate about.

I am a Paraprofessional in Jackson School District. I enjoy diamond painting and crocheting blankets. I love watching movies with my family. I hope to catch up to my boys and become a black belt too!

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