Make Martial Arts part of your child’s personal development journey!

Power Ninja’s (4 & 5 year olds)

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Our Power Ninja classes are designed for Pre-School age kids! Action packed and fast moving keeps kids focused and on task. They will learn basic Karate kicks and martial arts moves while learning to work in small groups and following directions.
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Powerful Kids (ages 6 & up)

hapkido for kids martial arts classes in monmouth county

Our Jr. Hapkido program is designed to bring out your child’s Inner Power! Kids become more confident, focused and disciplined with every action packed class!
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Our Martial Arts Classes in Howell, New Jersey provide a fun, safe environment to exercise and learn. We can help your child focus and listen better, as well as get better grades in school and be more self-disciplined at home. The benefits are endless when you invest in your child’s future by training at Inner Power Martial Arts Hapkido school.  We use specially designed games and fun drills to keep students engaged while learning.

Our world class kids martial arts classes here in Monmouth County teach the best and most practical skills from Hapkido. This system of training provides a child with all the tools necessary to capably defend themselves while standing as well as on the ground should they ever need to.

We help your child reach the next level in development by using Martial Arts as an action packed platform for discipline, focus, and increased socialization!

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Partners in Development

Lessons are Designed to Target and Ease The Difficulties Parents Face In Raising A Child.

We’ve dealt with it all here and believe that the secret to your child’s development is a mix of rewarding physical activity and a focus on instilling essential life lessons.

Through psychology, eastern wisdom practiced for generations, and patience, we help kids reach new heights and develop a love for everything that makes them so special.

We Often Encounter Kids Who Have:

  • Amazing personalities but are just too shy and reserved to share it with the world.
  • Incredible gifts but low self esteem that holds them back from their true potential.
  • Big dreams but not enough courage or ambition to chase them.
  • Intelligent minds but difficulty focusing due to short attention spans or conditions such as ADD and ADHD.
  • Tons of energy but they put it towards video games, TV, and other “digital dangers” that keep them glued to the couch.

More Than Just Martial Arts

Your child isn’t just benefiting from a fun physical activity, they’re also capturing skills such as focus, discipline, respect, empathy, confidence, and more through their training.

How is This Possible?

It’s not magic or some secret ancient wisdom, it’s our philosophy and commitment in developing the “whole” student as opposed to simply teaching a specific skill.

We strive to raise our students to new heights in not just martial arts but also in overall health, character, discipline, confidence, development, and socialization. Our combination of a flexible weekly schedule, accommodating approach, and focus on character development just seems to resonate with our students and their families.

Develops Character

We want our kids to change the world and make an impact on future generations. Through a focus on aiming and achieving goals, we teach kids to shoot for the stars and incrementally chase goals step-by-step. All while instilling values such as love, empathy, respect, humility, and discipline.

Encourages Teamwork

Nothing brings youngsters together like a common interest. We teach children how to work together to improve themselves and achieve amazing things. Bullying and competitiveness in any form is frowned upon, and each child learns to appreciate the distinctions between them.

Rewards Listening Skills

Kids learn to respect their elders by learning the value of humility and developing good listening skills. It starts with a desire to learn all of their friends’ cool maneuvers and “tricks,” but once they see what they can accomplish by simply paying attention, they start listening in other parts of their lives.

A Growth-Oriented Culture

Martial arts training is not a quick fix. It’s a never-ending process of self-improvement.

Yes, your child will likely notice significant differences at first, but the real power lies in their future knowledge and development.

Each subsequent class not only improves your child’s health, but also gives him or her a feeling of discipline and purpose in life as we continue to teach vital life lessons and values.

A Real Sense of Leadership and Discipline

You will no longer have to be concerned about whether your child is on the proper track in life. We understand how hard you work to raise your child to follow your lead and avoid harmful influences like peer pressure, the internet, and other children’s behaviors.

Our first concern is guiding your child and providing them with the structure and discipline to value their parents’ and instructors’ wisdom.

We encourage children to not only follow your guidance, but also to make important, responsible decisions on their own, with a focus on character development and inner strength.

Protection from Dangerous Threats

We teach kids that most problems can be solved by approaching an authority figure like a parent or teacher and thoroughly describing the circumstance. We never want our children to employ their Martial Arts talents in public, but we also believe that knowing how to respond to a threat is critical in today’s culture.

Our pupils recognize that self-defense is a last resort and are prepared to flee a dangerous situation quickly if required.

Physical Activity and Fitness

Today’s children get less exercise than ever before. With screens and electronics constantly vying for attention, it’s critical that children get the activity they require to grow. We employ exciting activities, challenges, and games to ensure that your child gets in a full workout while having a blast! These activities help your child grow his or her intellect and body while also directing their energy toward an enjoyable and healthful activity.

Regular exercise produces a powerful habit that evolves into a healthy lifestyle as your child grows older, not merely making them look forward to their next session.

kids learn martial arts hapkido in howell, nj

Make Friends & Form Bonds with Other Students

Getting children to put down their phones and engage with the world around them is one of our top goals at our school.

As we bond over a pleasant, gratifying activity, we teach kids how much they miss when they’re glued to their phones.

Because they are no longer addicted to their digital devices, parents often find their children conversing more, associating with other youngsters, and listening to advice and instructions better.


Is Martial Arts a Dangerous Sport?

Despite the fact that any sport or activity carries some risk, our qualified instructors adhere to safety regulations to provide a safe and supportive atmosphere for our students. In fact, unlike sports, when one adult supervises a whole team, we have numerous instructors constantly monitoring a room to ensure everything is running well. We recognize that each student has their own set of limitations, and we promote rest and feedback during the workout.

Is Martial Arts Violent?

Our sessions are designed to accommodate individuals of all sizes, ages, abilities, and levels of activity. Many of our students have tried athletics and other athletic pursuits only to discover they are not for them. In these situations, martial arts can be a safe haven because competition is avoided and each student just attempts what they are comfortable with.

Will my child require any specific equipment to participate?

In their first year of instruction, all they need is a martial arts costume and a white belt, which we provide in all of our introductory classes.

What role does martial arts play in preparing my child for life?

Martial arts teaches children important life qualities such as discipline, honor, confidence, and respect, in addition to dispute resolution and self-defense. Setting goals and working toward them is incredibly fulfilling and results in a significant maturity leap.

What if my child isn’t interested?

It’s normal to encounter some resistance when starting a new activity. We make every effort to keep lessons amusing and enjoyable, but it is, after all, an educational experience. We urge parents to give us a few sessions to get to know new students, but if your kid decides to drop out, we offer a complete refund.

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