Read These Testimonials for Inner Power Martial Arts!

“Working in New York City and living in Princeton, I find it is well worth the trip to come train with Master McCann. So worth it in fact I come to take private lessons with him. His knowledge and patience in instructing Hapkido have been exemplary. He is very well-versed in different styles of martial arts and aside from giving a great workout, he provides a no-nonsense approach to how to defend yourself in the real world should you need it. I highly recommend his school.”

Kenny Kaplan, Princeton NJ

“Master McCann’s martial arts school teaches dynamic techniques that allow you to defend yourself in real life. Classes mainly consist of practicing techniques in hand to hand combat, weapon disarming, and ground survival. Class time is not wasted on katas or extensive warm-up, which maximizes time spent on practical applications.

As a police officer, I have successfully used Hapkido techniques while on duty. Hapkido teaches students to use an opponent’s energy against them. It employs a wide array of joint locks, escorts, strikes, and ground fighting, making it the perfect martial art for police officers, military personnel, or anyone wanting an effective self defense system. Master McCann’s Hapkido has given me confidence knowing I can protect myself and others on or off duty.”

Matthew Yurcisin – Police Officer – Monmouth County NJ

“This is a place my daughter loves coming to! The Martial Arts program places a strong emphasis on real life self defense techniques. Along with that she benefits from the physical exercise and eye hand coordination training. Mentally, her listening and concentration skills receive a work out too! Master McCann is a positive role model and a man we both highly respect. My daughter has made great friends and manages to work hard and have fun at the same time!”

Kerry Russo, Jackson NJ

“I have only been training at Brian McCann’s martial arts school for a year, but I have learned a lot in my time here. The classes and instructors instill you confidence and self-esteem that will help you in many different parts of your life. The classes are physically challenging but require you to use your brain and memory to react quickly and in the right fashion. The instructors also challenge you to improve, but give guidance in your classes that help you to improve.”

Andrew Knight, Howell NJ

“What’s impressed me most about Master Mcann is that he is teaching two different arts to my children. The one they think they’re going to class for is the art of Hapkido. The most important art he shows them however is how to mature into self-confident, respectful and honest young adults. This art I see reflected through their actions at home and in school.

My children think they are learning how to defend themselves. In reality, they are learning how to become leaders within their school and community. Kudos to Brian for emphasizing the things that really matter!”

Nichole Jeffery, Howell NJ

“Linda and I were looking for a Martial Art style that was suitable for both of us. We needed something that was realistic, challenging and fun. It is truly a pleasure to study under the expertise of Master McCann. We gladly pass by a variety of other martial art schools less suitable for us on our trip from Oceanport to Howell a few times a week to study under Master McCann.”

Ed & Linda, Oceanport NJ

“I chose Hapkido for its utility. If I return to the Middle East for a third tour, I want a combative system that has a variety of options, from non-damaging joint locks to neck breaks if needed. Master McCann’s Hapkido is a natural addition to my military combatives training and fills in the gaps my years of karate training still left.”

Mike, Army officer

“As one of the female students in Master McCann’s martial arts school, I have gained the knowledge and have become equipped with the skills necessary to protect myself against the dangers in our society. Master McCann’s realistic approach teaches women how to effectively transfer negative energy back upon an attacker regardless of her height, weight, or strength. Master McCann arms women with the tools necessary to stand their ground in harmful situations. After each and every session, I leave the Dojang physically stronger, highly confident, and wanting to learn more.”

Eve Arbeitman

“When choosing a martial arts school, there are an abundance of things that should be considered. What style of martial arts is taught? Where did the instructor receive his training, is he accountable to someone, and is he still actively training? Is the instructor a good teacher?

At Master McCann’s school, all of these questions and more are answered. There are a lot of Dojos in central New Jersey teaching an abundance of different things. In fact, in order for my son and I to attend this school, I drive past four of them. Master McCann teaches a traditional style of Martial Arts with very realistic applications, and he teaches it well. In addition, he belongs to an Hapkido organization that traces it’s roots directly to the founder of the art. Master McCann takes it upon himself to be teachable and constantly seek instruction from those to whom he is accountable.

I have recently begun taking classes with Master McCann for the workout and for the techniques taught. The classes are challenging and the techniques have so many real world applications in my occupation as a police officer that this space isn’t enough to list them. I trust him, however, with something far more valuable than my physical fitness and self-defense. I trust him with my seven year old son. My son cannot wait to get to his class every chance he has to attend. For him it is fun, but he receives so much more. It is educational, enriching, and without even knowing it, he has gained control over his body even after the short nine months he’s been training and can already defend himself if, God forbid, the need ever arose.

I highly recommend Master McCann.”

Burt Salisbury