Kid’s Martial Arts Training: How Long Will It Take To See A Noticeable Difference In My Child’s Confidence?

Based on these observations, over the years, we were even able to change our curriculum in a way that would help students to get faster results and give kids a huge boost in confidence as quickly as possible. When Do Young Martial Arts Students Experience Improvement? Karate classes for kids can offer a lot over … Read more

Am I Too Old to Start Martial Arts Classes?

For Martial Arts, it really doesn’t matter what your age is. I’ve even had several students begin their training in Hapkido in the late 50s and into their 60s. My oldest student, Dr. John, started classes with me as a white belt when he was just 65 and he’s still currently training with me today … Read more

How Many Belts Are There In Hapkido?

One of the questions I often get as a Hapkido School owner is “How many belts are there between white belt and black belt in Hapkido” That’s a great question! We all have goals and who wouldn’t want to know how long it would take them to reach black belt? Different Martial Arts Styles Have … Read more

June is Parent Appreciation Month at Inner Power Martial Arts!

How does parental involvement impacts martial arts training for young students? Having parents and grandparents support and cheer for  their children is great for a kid’s self-esteem. Parents who actively participate in the practices and after-school training feel positive about the impact that martial arts training is having on their children, and encourage more parents … Read more